Rules and Regulations in areas cans are emtipied by hand

oCan service is per household, neighbor sharing is not permitted please do not allow this to continue
oDue to insurance reasons, we are unable to drive onto your property. Place cans 5’ from street.
oNo 55 gallon drums or larger may be used unless contents are bagged, so trash can be removed without lifting drum.
oTree/shrub trimmings and wood lengths must be tied in bundles not exceeding 4’ in length and 1.5’ in width. Wetted ashes, cactus and broken glass should be placed in a box and be visable.
oNormal residential service consist of approximately 2-45 gallon cans OR 3 bags. Extra service is available at a reasonable rate.
oWeight limit is 50lbs. Please no sand, gravel or rocks.
oPlease no loose trash. Must be in some type of container
oDo not overfill dumpsters. Full is level with lids shut.
oTemporary bins must have a 2 dump per month minimum, or account will be charged rental fees.

Please email us with questions.
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Rules and Regulations in areas 96 gallon cans are provided

1)Service Price is for 1-96 gal tote with lids closed. If extra trash is outside tote ie. Bags or cans, extra will be charged to account. A 2nd tote is available at a lower rate.

2)Tote Can is Property of Westside Disposal and my not be removed from this location. Again there is No charge or Deposit for the use of this tote. If tote is Stolen or Destroyed by misuse, customer is responsible for the replacement cost at the Rate of $120 each.

3)Please Place Tote at street with opening toward street.

4)Weight Limit is 200 lbs

5)Please call office for items too large or too heavy to fit into tote can.

6)Neighbor sharing still is NOT PERMITTED

7)To Insure Proper Vacation Credit, please call in advance to have tote removed.